Enter WalMart Canada In-Store Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes


CDN $1,000 Walmart Gift Card


It is quite convenient to shop in Walmart for daily necessities. If you shop at Canadian Walmart stores recently, you may find an invitation on your receipt to take the satisfaction survey. At the end of the survey, you can choose to enter a sweepstakes drawing for Walmart gift card.

Survey Prizes Wal-Mart gift card in the amount of CDN$1,000

You need to have the survey invitation on the top of your Walmart receipt. Then choose a language to enter the survey and answer the questions based on your recent visit experience. You can also enter the sweepstakes by mail.

How to Win WalMart Canada In-Store Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes

  1. Click on "Go to Win" to take the sweepstakes
  2. Open only to legal residents of Canada who have reached the age of majority
  3. You need to take the survey within 14 days after the Visit Date on the front of your receipt
  4. One entry per receipt
  5. You can read the sweepstakes rules and click on "Share on Facebook"

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17 votes
3 days ago Rated 5.0 I love Wal lmart, I am return every week end
4 days ago Rated 1.5 Staff assisting at self checkout are very pushy and the girl that followed me around today was so close she was almost touching me and looking over my shoulder to see if I was doing it right. I have used the service many times and was extremely uncomfortable. Someone standing by to answer questions is one thing. Invading my personal space is not acceptable and it's not the first time although today was worse than usual.
7 days ago Rated 5.0 Walmart is awesome and now close to my home in Galt.
12 days ago Rated 4.5 we went to the photo lab to see if we could print sum pictures off a new phone we had just got.They were so helpfull and we were so pleased with the help we got
12 days ago Rated 5.0 Not matter how small or rare item a need you in the Walmart always have it. Cheers. Gustav
19 days ago Rated 5.0 Good service
21 days ago Rated 5.0 Walmart is one of my favorite places eversince i stepped into Canada as an immigrant It gave me the satisfaction of products in a very reasonable price In times when a shopper like me needs something and find it at walmart at a half a price or always cheaper than anyplace else Makes me confident as an ordinary person/ shopper with a very small budget It became a habit and first thought of store to buy what we need for the family Going to walmarts when i m in the states is as good and enjoyable as walmarts here in canada There s no way that i will stop shopping at walmart even if i am a little richer from what i have now It may be not the best store in the world but it gives me the satisfaction and smile coz i know , no doubt , is the place where i can buy things that i need in a very good price CHEERS!!!
21 days ago Rated 4.0 Always find what I want at a good price.
23 days ago Rated 1.0 Flyer , effective date Feb 2-8 showed Maple Leaf Fresh Air-Chilled Chicken Thighs for $1.77/Lb , $3.90/Kg. Got home to find that the bill showed we were charged $6.55/kG . ???? NOT HAPPY
26 days ago Rated 1.0 charging for bags no matter how much is in my eyes poor business for any company selling loose good such as Walmart does, one clerk told me she orders the bags for one store and the cost was close to $1000.00 but would not say how many thousand bag they would get. Maybe these places should hide the bag fee in the cost of there products what we don't see won't tick us off