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For over thirty years, The Fresh Market has brought you the freshest, most delicious quality products from around the corner and around the globe. If you have benefited from the services and products it offers, there are ways for you to help them serve even better and as a result you can benefit more. Join The Fresh Market survey sweepstakes, you can have a chance to win a $500 gift card. 

12 Grand Prizes a $500 The Fresh Market gift card

To enter into the sweepstakes, please visit the survey official site following the instructions below. When you are on the survey page, click on the "Start" button to start taking the survey. Enter the survey code on your receipt and follow the steps to complete the survey.  At the end of it, you will be entered into a sweepstakes to win a $500 gift card. You can also enter into the sweepstakes by mail. There are more information about how to enter by mail in the official rule. 

How to Win The Fresh Market Survey Sweepstakes $500 Gift Card

  1. Click on "Go to Win" to start the process
  2. The Sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the 50 United States including the District of Columbia, who are at least 18 years old
  3. During each 30-day period, you can enter the sweepstakes using your receipt invite/survey entry only once
  4. For more detailed information, please view the sweepstakes official rules
  5. Let more people know the sweepstakes by clicking on "Share on Facebook"

www.thefreshmarketsurvey.com, Get $500 Gift Card by Taking The Fresh Market Survey Sweepstakes

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For complete official rules, please visit https://www.inmoment.com/report/servlet/BlobServlet?sid=f57be059-03e6-4372-9263-837ae9128371&v=0&type=0&tag=FreshMarketSweepsRules.

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71 votes
11 hours ago
Rated 1.5 Fresh Market HIngham, MA, check out people are nice but they forget to put a bag in my cart, after I pay, half the time I go there the past year, and I have to return another day to get my purchases that they never put in my cart. Also, the meat dept. never puts the correct price on my meat and ALWAYS over charges. You can't trust this store to do things right. I always have to keep my eyes open, check everything they label and watch in the check-out. I did all this today and they still caused a problem for me. I called them and they told me I could come back with the receipt. How about they deliver my stuff to my house or compensate me free food for my gas and time. My cats are going nuts hungry and they never put the food in the card among other items. Now, I have to go down the corner to my neighborhood 7-Eleven to pay triple for a few cans. I'm not bothering taking the trip to Fresh Market anymore. Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and Stop and Shp have all my business now. Oh, and another thing, the rotisseirre chickens are the size of cornish hens and they want $7.99 for them.
1 days ago
Rated 2.0 The checkers are trying to ring up to quick. You don't even have your change or receipt their trying to rush you thru. Also when you buy meat a lot of time you get the wrong label which is a lot more you should correct this very annoying when you have to return because of error
1 days ago
Rated 1.0 The Villages, Florida store is perpetually out of everything they advertise even on the very day the sales starts. They advertise special tasting events and run out of tasting samples before it is over. Tracey in the bakery was very nasty when we inquired about the Italian desserts that were supposed to be sampled from 1-5 and told us that everyone had already eaten everything and didn't want to put anymore out! Don't solicit invitees if you resent it when they attend!
1 days ago
Rated 1.0 Fresh Market in Ponte Vedra Florida - cashier (Ryan) was horrible. Extremely rude to customer in front of me - did not say thank you, have a good day, jump in the lake - anything. Just handed him his receipt. Then rude and surly to me as well. Did not respond to pleasantries, just looked at me. Don't need you to be my best friend dude but you were a jerk! Left thinking "wow, what an unpleasant experience."
3 days ago
Rated 5.0 Juli was very enthusiastic, friendly and willing to help. The "The Fresh market" store is very similar to Wegman's in Rochester N.y.
5 days ago
Rated 4.5 Very friendly. Will open registers when lines are long. Don't have to ask. Like the Tuesday special buys.
5 days ago
Rated 5.0 The store was very busy and Sarah opened an extra register. She was very sweet.
8 days ago
Rated 3.0 Love the store. Upset I do not receive weekly flier with Wednesday paper. I was told a couple weeks ago they would be coming back
8 days ago
Rated 3.0 love the store Lynn was very helpful helped me find the coffee i was looking for with a great attitute
11 days ago
Rated 5.0 Love everything about this store. Juli is very helpful and kind.